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Silver Valley and Benewah are sister veterinary clinics sharing the same doctors, but each with their own support staff. Together we have provided services for Shoshone County, Benewah County and surrounding areas for several decades. Our doctors and staff strive to provide the best and most compassionate care to all our patients. The Silver Valley Veterinary Clinic in Pinehurst, ID offers full services for your animals. This includes internal medicine, soft tissue surgery, orthopedic surgery, hospitalization, routine yearly examinations, vaccinations, and small animal boarding. The Benewah Veterinary Clinic in St. Maries, ID has similar services although boarding and hospitalization are limited.  The critical patients or more involved surgeries that require hospitalization will need to be transported to our main office in Pinehurst. 

Did you know?

80% of a dog's weight is carried in the front legs. Therefore, pain in the forelimbs can greatly effect a dog's quality of life.

Synovetin OA for canine elbow osteoarthritis utilizes innovative breakthrough technology. One theraputic injection can deliver up to one full year of elbow pain relief in dogs. 

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