Boarding (Silver Valley Veterinary Clinic, Pinehurst, ID)

We provide boarding for dogs, cats and other small pets. The facility for dogs includes an area where there are individual kennels, plus we have 2 outdoor runs that dogs can be put in during the daytime. Dogs are also walked or let out in the run three times a day and we provide food, fresh water and clean bedding. Cats are housed in cages, where we also provide complete care with food, fresh water, bedding and litter box. Some cats are allowed to roam around our private "cat room" depending on their personalities. Science Diet food is included with our boarding rates for dogs and cats, but feel free to bring your own food, especially if your pet has special dietary needs.  Other small pets that board with us may require owners to bring their own food & housing. Animals such as fish, birds, small rodents and rabbits would fit under this requirement. If you have any questions or would like to board your pet with us, please call to make a reservation. Holidays and school breaks tend to fill up our housing areas, so please call early to ensure we have available space. Please feel free to drop by our clinic in Pinehurst for a  tour of the boarding area.

Dogs & Cats must be current on required vaccines to board with us. Vaccines may be given at the time of drop off if needed. If vaccines are given at another veterinary clinic, please bring these records on or before the boarding date. Most veterinary clinics will fax records to us by the owners request. If you personally give your pets required vaccinations, we will need proof of receipt and the date the vaccine was given. If you do not provide the requested documentation, we will administer required vaccines at your expense.

Boarding Rates:

Current boarding rates as of January 1, 2024 (subject to change, please call to confirm rates)

Dog: $31 per night                  Dog w/ medication: $33 per night

Cat: $24 per night             Cat w/ medication: $26 per night

Bird: $24 per night

Exotic Animal: $24 per night

Daytime boarding any pet: $20

Boarding Drop Off & Pick Up:

Boarding drop offs and pick ups may be done anytime from 8am to 5pm Monday through Saturday. Our office is closed on Sundays, but we have pick up and drop off available from 4pm-5pm for pets scheduled to come in or go home on that day.