Advanced Orthopedics

Our clinic provides extensive orthopedic services and care for small animals, specifically in canines. Listed below are the most common services we offer. Please contact our office if you have any questions or do not see a service listed in which you may be interested.

Fractures: limbs, pelvic and jawbone fractures in canines & felines using methods most suitable for each unique patient. 

Patella Luxation: common in small breed dogs, a luxating patella is caused by a congenital malformation that creates abnormal forces on the kneecap, causing it to slide out of the groove (called the patellar groove) in which it normally sits. Surgery can eliminate the irregular sliding motion and pain associated with it.

Hip Luxation: surgical options are available through our clinic for patients needing more than basic reduction maneuvers, support and cage rest.

Cruciate Ligament Injuries: we offer 3 methods of repair for the cruciate ligament, choosing which is most suitable for the patient based on age, health and activity level.  Those methods are tibial plateau leveling osteotomy (TPLO), extracapsular stabilization (Swivel-Lock) and extracapsular stabilization (Lateral Suture).

Osteoarthritis: working dogs and large breeds are at the top of the list for joint and elbow pain. We specialize in therapeutic injections for the elbow and other joints using Synovetin OA. One treatment can provide up to a year of pain relief.



Did you know?

80% of a dog's weight is carried in the front legs. Therefore, pain in the forelimbs can greatly effect a dog's quality of life.

Synovetin OA for canine osteoarthritis utilizes innovative breakthrough technology. One therapeutic injection can deliver up to one full year of joint pain relief in dogs. 

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