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Lisa Knapp, Office Manager since 1995

Each day offers something new to appreciate and make me smile.  I feel proud to work with people who give such personal heartfelt care to all of our patients.     

When I am not at work I enjoy yoga, hiking, outdoor photography, gardening, bird watching, reading and spending time with family, including Atticus (aka Poppie) pictured here.

Brenda Parsons, Veterinary Assistant since 1997

She enjoys working with dogs the best.

“I love working with animals because they each have their own personality and they know when we are trying to help them.”

She enjoys any moment of  relaxation, loves animals and spending time with her own dogs and family. She has a cat named Tilly and border collie Boone.


Rieka Chatfield-Marek, Certified Vet Technician working at SVVC since 1999

Hey everyone! I'm Rieka and I began working at SVVC in 1999. After high school, I decided that I wanted to pursue a career in veterinary medicine and applied for admission into the the Veterinary Technician program at Yakima Valley College. I was accepted, studied hard, and graduated the two year program in 2005. I returned to SVVC to work as a Certified Veterinary Technician! Being a technician here is very rewarding, but also full of physically and mentally challenging tasks! Everyday presents something new! I enjoy working with small animals and helping assist with surgeries/procedures. I feel very privileged to work with our very compassionate team of staff. When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my family, thrift shopping, playing outdoors and making crafts with my daughter. I have one dog and three cats.


Tashua Seaton, Administrative Assistant since 2004

In my free time I enjoy hanging out with my husband (Josh) and my labradoodle (Levon). We love taking Levon on adventures and showing him all the fun there is to be had out there. We enjoy camping, fishing, road trips and being with friends and family.

Kristen Jacobson, Veterinary Assistant working at SVVC since 2007 and in the field since 1999 

She loves to work on dogs the best.

“I enjoy being able to help them and make them feel better when they are sick. I like seeing how happy their owners are when we can make them better. I really just all around love my job.”

She loves to camp, fish and do anything outdoors, and spending time with her kids, family and friends. She has 2 dogs Abraham & Vera Ann, a cat Ryan, and two parrots.


Sarah Thomas, Veterinary Assistant working at SVVC since 2010 and in the field since 1996 

I enjoy reading during my quiet time.  When not at the clinic I spend my time with my family either at a football game or spending time in the outdoors. 
Fly fishing,bow hunting, 3D archery, hiking or just exploring with my little side kick Eva.  I am also in process of learning how to garden and love my little flock of chickens! 
We share our home with 2 dogs; Moose a Rottweiler, Eva Mae a Minnie Aussie, 2 cats;  Hobbes and Dipper.  A box turtle named Myrtle and Russian Tortoise named Mikey. 


Tresa Johnson, Receptionist & Vet Assistant working at SVVC since 2003 

I am currently the weekend receptionist and fill in wherever needed as a receptionist or vet assistant.  When I'm not busy working, I enjoy traveling and camping, specifically in the Northwest with my husband Kevin and dachshund terrier mix Tommy. We love bicycling, kayaking, skiing, camping, searching for waterfalls and exploring the Pacific Coast.

Sarah Dunbar, Veterinary Assistant since 2017

Hi! I'm Sarah Dunbar! I've been an outdoor activites guide in the Pacific Northwest for the past 16 years, and in Idaho for 10 of those years. I made my dream of horses and natural horsemanship into my career with zero regrets. Managing the herds where I've worked have been some of the most rewarding times I could have.

My husband, Matt, and I enjoy hiking, hunting, fishing, canoeing, skiing, mt biking, anything outdoors and spending time with family when we can. Although, my true passion and hobby is my own horse, Hawk, whose been with me for 15 years.

Animals have been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. I am blessed to get to work with and learn from the team here at Silver Valley and Benewah Clinics. They are the best that I know and are truly amazing!

Logan Jacobson , Veterinary Assistant working at SVVC since 2018 and in the field since 2014

Hey everyone! My name is Logan Jacobson. I have been in the Veterinary field since I was 14 years old. I have always had a passion for animals. My mom is a Veterinary technician, so I was exposed to this field  at an early age and have always loved it! Being a Veterinary Technician is very rewarding. Each day brings something new and is full of various physical and mental challenges! I particularly enjoy working with large animals and assisting with surgeries/procedures. We truly have the best team out there, and it is an honor to work alongside every single one of them. When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with friends/family, hiking, and working within my community and church. I currently have two cats- Wall-E and bailey.


Addison Watson , Veterinary Assistant since 2018

"I enjoy being outdoors and spending time with animals. I have lived in the Silver Valley my whole life and have always loved it here! In my free time you can find me Hiking with Luna, hunting, fishing, or spending time with friends. I come from a big family where we have always had pets of many kinds, which has helped grow my love for caring for animals. I look forward to pursing a career in veterinary medicine as a technician."



Yazmin Gallaway , Kennel Attendant & Veterinary Assistant since 2020

Bio coming soon. 


Matt Majoros, Maintenance Personnel since 2018

Matt maintains our outdoor landscape and structural needs within the clinic. When he's not working at our office, you will find him busy on a cattle ranch and in his free time enjoying outdoor adventures.


Henry, Clinic Companion & Team Mascot since 2016

Henry came to the clinic with a group of feral kittens in the fall of 2016. His personality stood out in the group and he was chosen to stay as our new clinic cat.

Henry enjoys chasing his toys across the floor, stealing dog biscuits off of the front desk and batting at the blinds in the boss' office windows. He also appreciates petting and cuddles from any human.