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Proud to Serve Our Community & Beyond

Our Silver Valley office is located in Pinehurst, Idaho and our Benewah office is in St. Maries, Idaho. We practice small & large animal medicine and together we serve Shoshone County, Benewah County and surrounding areas. 

Silver Valley Veterinary Clinic

44650 Silver Valley Road, Pinehurst, Idaho

OFFICE HOURS: Open Daily 8am-5pm (Yes, even Sunday!)

Closed for major holidays & events


Benewah Veterinary Clinic

67 Robinson Lane, St. Maries, Idaho

OFFICE HOURS: Monday through Friday 8am-5pm

Closed weekends, major holidays & events. 



After Hours - Emergency Referals

Emergency Veterinary Hospital of Coeur d'Alene - 1336 W. Kathleen Ave, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho - (208)930-1888

North Palouse Veterinary Clinic - 1010 Travis Rd, Potlatch, Idaho - emergency (208)883-5042, phone (208)875-1096

McKinlay Peters Equine Hospital - 6100 N Harvard Road, Newman Lake, WA 99025 - (509) 928-6734


Holiday Schedule


Memorial Day, May 30, 2022

COVID-19 Safety

Please continue to social distance yourself from others inside our lobby area. If you are coughing or feel ill, please do not enter the building and call us, so we can best serve you and keep our patrons safe. 

The "New Normal"

We are experiencing a significant  increase of clientele, appointments & surgeries. While we are doing our best to keep everything running smoothly, wait times may be longer and we suggest scheduling routine appointments and surgeries 1 month in advance. 

Thank you for your patience & understanding. We really do appreciate it.